What is EIT?

Executive in Transitions (EIT) is currently led by Patrice Barber. Originally fostered by Courtney Cowgill, the concept behind EIT is to create an interactive platform in which to teach professionals how to market themselves as their careers transition in our new work place reality. The EIT workshops offers extensive roll playing embracing buying and selling and elevator pitches in an actual elevator. It enables participants to break out of their shell and out of their comfort zone. The experience gets them to embrace that they undertaking change and that’s ok. It is more a labor of love and transformation that happens. Most deplore networking. Most spend time wandering aimlessly and don’t know what to do. This program teaches attendees what they should be doing demonstrating the fun that can be experienced. Most feel the ‘ah-ha’ moment and embrace the concept.

More on the presenter, Patrice Barber is an experienced orator and career coach. With multiple decades of mentor and leadership training, her original background is in engineering (Go Aggies!) and entrepreneur fields. Patrice has natural talents in relationship connections. She has lived in numerous foreign countries providing her ample opportunities to learn from varied cultures adopting many languages. With her talents and experiences, Patrice assists her students to establish connections with other people engaging in a conversation providing authentic messaging without coming off as ‘salesy’.

If this program sounds of interest to you, follow this link to EIT to learn more.