A series examining transformations in tax and related fields. Sponsored by The Radical CPA.

In this series, we examine transformations in tax and related fields. On LinkedIn Live. Sponsored by The Radical CPA. Portions of the program qualifies for CPE. New TaxSnaps are released at 10 AM (MT) on the second and fourth Thursday of each month. Watch new and previous episodes, such as the following, HERE.

Realizing Your Dreams in Tax

Tax luminary Tony Nitti, Ernst & Young national tax partner, former Forbes contributor, author, speaker and educator, shares his secrets for his success and how we can open more doors (opportunities) for ourselves. Watch HERE.

Impactful Communication in Tax

Acclaimed tax-technical author and speaker Bruce Nelson, editor-in-chief at the Journal of State Taxation, shares methods for effective communication in tax – particularly, public speaking, writing, and the use of humor to impact your audience. Watch HERE.

Taxing Cannabis

Preeminent cannabis tax attorney, Nick Richards, partner and cannabis practice leader for Greenspoon Marder, guides us through the cannabis tax maze and shares strategies to help cannabis businesses remain profitable despite a uniquely high tax hurdle. Watch HERE.

Best in Class Tax Departments

What makes a best-in-class tax department? Tim Mathis, SVP of tax & financial operations for Sunnova Energy explains. Watch HERE.

The Future of the Tax Field

Observations from Amy McLellan, Golden Gate University’s Dean of Graduate Programs, on the forces transforming tax, what this change means for tax payers and professionals, and how to capitalize on the change. Watch HERE.

Financial Leadership in a Pandemic

Insights from Sas Mukherjee, CFO of Gainwell Technologies, on the unique responsibilities of finance, tax, and accounting executives in guiding their companies through a pandemic. Watch HERE.

Accounting’s Radical Future

Author and influencer Jody Padar shares insights on influences changing the accounting field and how accountants can adapt to succeed with the changes. Watch HERE.

Psychopathic CEOs: A Survival Guide

Authors Jack McCullough and Jody Padar discuss the outsized influence of psychopathic CEOs and solutions. Watch HERE.