Membership Application

Terms of Membership. By checking this box, I acknowledge that I understand and accept the following terms of TaxForward and FTL membership and that failure to comply with these terms may result in immediate revocation of my membership and forfeiture of any and all fees. I understand that, as a member:
  1. My position or actions may not undermine the organization’s ability to continue to serve its purpose.
  2. I may not act in a way that reflects badly on TaxForward, FTL, or their membership.
  3. I must conduct myself with professionalism at TaxForward and FTL events.
  4. My right to practice must be in good standing.
  5. I may not have been recently convicted of a felony, committed of or being investigated for fraud.
  6. I may not engage in sales activities at TaxForward and FTL events or while participating in TaxForward and FTL programs.
  7. I may not mass email, call, or mail TaxForward or FTL membership without TaxForward or FTL approval.
  8. I may not threaten or harass other members.
  9. I may not abuse a position of power or authority within TaxForward or FTL to advance a personal or professional interest.
  10. All fees must and will be paid by the date due.
Data Sharing. TaxForward and FTL will not share your personal information with a third party unless authorized by you or required by law.
Auto Renewal Opt Out. For the convenience of its members, TaxForward and FTL offers automatic annual subscription renewal for those who pay with a credit or debit card online. To opt out of this feature, enter "NO" in the field below. You may also opt out of this feature by emailing

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