Psycho Bosses: An Executive Survival Guide

Techniques for surviving a psychopath in the corner office by author Jack McCullough.

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Dealing with a remorseless manipulator at work?

Psychopathic executives can have an outsized impact on our society – their pathological needs and lack of empathy have led to the destruction of lives, companies, communities, and economies. Despite this, our culture values the traits of psychopaths for its leaders. Consequently, as many as 21% of American CEOs are thought to be psychopaths.

Join our conversation with Jack McCullough, author of The Psychopathic CEO, An Executive Survival Guide and Secrets of Rockstar CFOs, as we explore the impact of psychopathic executives, why psychopathic traits are coveted for leadership positions, how to spot these traits in your workplace and job candidates, and what to do to protect yourself, your company, and your investment when these traits are influencing your executive team.


Attendees will learn:

  • To identify the traits associated with psychopaths,
  • To anticipate how these traits may impact work and business goals, and
  • How to develop a survival strategy when working for or with a psychopathic individual.


Jack McCullough has held many roles throughout his career, including entrepreneur, business development executive, CEO, board member, author, and public speaker. He also served as financial executive for 26 different companies, where he reported to more than 30 CEOs, including several geniuses, a few psychopaths, and one or two who were both. He is presently the president of the CFO Leadership Council, a global professional association with approximately 1,800 members. He is also a senior contributor to the Forbes CFO Network. In researching The Psychopathic CEO, An Executive Survival Guide, Jack interviewed medical professionals, law enforcement agents, as well as dozens of investors and executives who were victims of a psychopathic CEO.  He published his first book, Secrets of Rockstar CFOs, in 2019. Jack is a graduate of the MIT Sloan School of Management and lives in Massachusetts with his wife and two sons.

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