Most of us reach out to colleagues or friends for technical or other professional guidance. The frequency with which we seek guidance varies depending on the relationship, our need, and their expertise. But overall, most of us do this because such dialogue helps us fortify relationships, stimulate ideas, gain perspective, discover new information, and learn how and where to find answers.

TF and FTL have established several avenues to seek formal mentoring from peers and leaders. Participating in a formal mentoring program benefits the mentor and mentee by building strong professional networks while shaping current and future leaders in our field. Membership in TF or FTL is not required to participate in this program.

One-on-One Mentoring
TF and FTL will match mentees with one or more mentors based on the mentee’s needs, the mentor’s competency, and both party’s availability.

Interested in being mentored? Apply here.

Group Mentoring
Looking for a less formal mentoring process? Want to hear what questions your peers might have regarding career development or specific tax matters. Join our monthly breakfast or quarterly happy hours with current Tax leaders.

For more information on Group Mentoring or to register for an event, contact