Pro Bono Help for Companies

A message from Lew Visscher of Lew’s List:


COVID-19 has changed everything.

In the business world – professionals everywhere – bankers, lawyers, accountants are publishing volumes of information on how to adjust to these changes.

Lew’s List is taking this to the next level by partnering with High Plains Advisors to assemble a group of CFO’s – Controllers and other senior Finance professionals to actually dig in and help businesses execute on the various stimulus programs, incentives and changes. 

One immediate need we see is to help companies apply for the PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) loans.  In addition, we will focus on the immediate assessment and execution of short and mid-term strategies to extend/improve businesses cash flows  which may include navigating possible execution of The CARES Act, the Families First Act and others.  We can also assist with human capital and tax planning issues and design and implement other business strategies where needed.   

The above assistance could be as simple as helping companies fill out the right forms or help you gather the necessary information to complete the forms.  It might be helping them  find a loan source to bridge the time between now and receiving certain stimulus funds, if applicable.  We are ready to roll up our sleeves and dig in.

These services will be provided pro bono – our commitment is helping businesses in our communities stay in our communities.

If you are a business that could use this type of assistance or know of some companies that can – please reach out to me or have them do it at

We are here to help!