RJ Banat, CFO, Jagged Mountain Craft Brewery

RJ Banat is the co-founder and CFO of Jagged Mountain Craft Brewery.  In this capacity, RJ’s results-driven approach has overseen consistent and sustainable growth in an extremely competitive market while creating a company culture with very low turnover and high personal autonomy and accountability.

RJ is also responsible for federal and state income tax and property tax compliance at United Launch Alliance.  Under his oversight, the company has received significant federal and state tax credits, deductions, and reductions in effective tax rates.

In his free time, RJ works on managing a different kind of risk when he organizes and leads technical, adventure-based trips involving canyoneering, ice-climbing, and mountaineering.  With his wife, he also invests in domestic and international properties, and he possibly was recently seen on an HGTV show.

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