Judy Vorndran, Partner, TaxOps

Judy Vorndran, lead State and Local Tax (SALT) partner at TaxOps, has been practicing in the SALT area exclusively for over 24 years as an attorney and CPA. As one of the nation’s premier SALT experts, she’s helped over 1,000 taxpayers across the nation and globally figure out who they are, where they are and how to handle their state tax compliance duties. By helping clients navigate the morass of SALT, she frees companies to concentrate on growth strategies.

Judy is passionate about improving public policy and is a governor-appointed member of Colorado’s Legislative Sales and Use Tax Simplification Task Force as well as president of the Colorado Chapter of the American Academy of Attorney-CPAs. She is actively involved with the Institute for Professionals in Taxation (IPT), where she teaches and works to bring SALT content to practitioners. TaxOps is a partner with sales tax automation providers including Avalara, Vertex, Sovos, and more and communicates the nuances between options in helping clients select and onboard sales tax automation in the least painful way as possible. Judy is pleased to be sharing her knowledge with you today and can be reached at jvorndran@taxops.com.