Proof Tax Leaders are Like Snowflakes

Nine bright stars shined in Cherry Creek, Colorado on the night of June 9, 2015, as they painted Starry Night at Canvas & Cocktails. Following is the synopsis by Tom Radow, Director, Holben Hay Lake Balzer CPAs LLC, and photographs by Tom, Debbie Murray, Senior Tax Manager at Baxter Healthcare Corp., and Ashby Walters, Tax Director at Quiznos.

When you took your first tax classes there was only one correct answer. Many people have the perception that all tax people think the same. We tested that theory on June 9th at Canvas and Cocktails.

The evening’s agenda was to enjoy a cocktail, get relaxed, and hit the canvas.

If you haven’t been to a Canvas and Cocktails yet, let me tell you what you missed. There is a funky boutique and three long tables with easels. The walls are adorned with paintings. Our group took up a full table. Two or three groups made up the other tables.

The rules are there are no rules. Paint what you want how you want. Or, follow the teacher’s step by step instructions. That sounded easy until I picked up a brush. I was frustrated because there was a gigantic gap between what I saw in my mind, and what appeared on the canvas. I think the rest of our group felt the same way. Art is not math, that’s for sure.

We all started with the same blank canvas, the same paint and brushes, and the same instruction and picture to follow. Take a look at the pictures in the link at of our finished products. Amazing, isn’t it, how they all look the same, yet are all so different. Proof that tax leaders are like snowflakes.

Join us at the next event.           – Tom Radow, Director, Holben Hay Lake Balzer CPAs LLC

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