Introducing TaxForward

You might have noticed the name TaxForward on some of the materials we produced for our national conference last year and other recent events. What is TaxForward and how does it fit in the future of our organization?

Over the last year we have been asking our members and partners a lot of questions about the mission of Future Tax Leaders and how that affects what our organization offers. In listening to the responses we heard one thing repeatedly – that members and partners feel the mission of the organization should be more comprehensive. The common refrain is that while FTL is about “future tax leaders” many of our members consider themselves “tax leaders” now and want more programs that will help them move forward in their careers. There were also responses from groups that felt they were at a point in their careers where they wanted to pay it forward and give back to the Tax community – to act as mentors and teachers for those future and current tax leaders.

In talking these responses over we realized two things – first, we had a perfect circle of knowledge that we should be leveraging better and second, we can serve our students and members who are just starting out better by expanding our reach and intent.

But a new name was just the beginning. TaxForward will act as the guiding body for our programs and services as well as the umbrella organization for Future Tax Leaders. In doing this we will create programs for members who are in various stages of their careers. We will also have the flexibility to create programs that help members at those different stages interact – for example those tax leaders or members who are retired offering their mentorship to students considering a career in tax or even those well into their careers, but are considering “the next step.”

Over the next several months we will be working to rearrange the organization to better facilitate these changes. You will start to see the name TaxForward taking more of a starring role in our organization and programming for seasoned and new professionals while Future Tax Leaders becomes more active in student programming. This is important, we still want and need your input as members about this change. This is your organization and it is there to fulfill your needs, advance your career, and make our industry a better and more fulfilling one. So, let us hear from you. Email us at We want to hear your thoughts about the direction you want to see us go. The more involved you are, the better we are.

We will keep you informed about this change in the coming months and let you know the exciting details of upcoming programs and events. Watch this newsletter and other communications from TaxForward. It is going to be an exciting year!