Get Social in 2020 & You May Win a Week in Bali!

In our Get Social contests, small steps expanding your circle of influence, such as posting on Instagram or LinkedIn, also generate points. The three individuals with the highest point totals win this year’s prizes:

  • FIRST: One week stay in Ubud, Bali, at TaxForward’s 2021 Tax Retreat
  • SECOND: $100 restaurant gift card
  • THIRD: $50 restaurant gift card

What did the 2019 winners and point leaders do to rack up points? Here are a few examples.

  • Referred a conference attendee (earn 20 points in 2020)
  • Referred a new member (earn 10 points in 2020 – earn an additional 10 if they also attend the conference)
  • Posted about an upcoming TaxForward event on a social media platform (earn up to 50 points in 2020)
  • Followed us on a social media site (earn up to 5 points in 2020)

You also earn points for each day of the 2020 Conference (10/19-11/20) you attend.


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