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Wondering how to make lemonade from the COVID-19 lemon? Check here for ideas.


Free Online CPE seriesBusiness Prosperity During a Pandemic
Trying to figure out how to keep your business afloat – or even prosper – during a pandemic? During this complimentary webinar series, we’ll be talking with experts on what businesses can do to position themselves to successfully manage through a pandemic.

Business Prosperity During a PandemicPart V

FREE Webinar from BrightTALK – Artificial Intelligence – how will it impact tax professionals? – Thursday, March 26, 2020, 9:00 am EDT. Learn more and register here.

Free COVID-19 related tax webcasts from EY.


Business Prosperity During a Pandemic-Part I

During this hour, we will be speaking with Bill Decker, Founder and Managing Director of Partners InternationalJenn McCabe, Partner, at Armanino LLPLew Visscher, founder of Lew’s List, and Lorrie Morton, Director, People, at Cohere Health about:

  • Potential opportunities presented by the pandemic,
  • Which companies are best positioned to succeed in this situation and how to position yours to succeed,
  • Holding onto and growing loyal customers during a pandemic,
  • Maintaining and managing employees amidst disruption,
  • Communications with employees, clients, and vendors,
  • Business continuity,
  • How the job market is being impacted,
  • HR considerations, and
  • Financial reporting and accounting considerations.

Business Prosperity During a Pandemic-Part II

During this webinar, Ann Diddlebock, Founder of CFO WisdomArlen Meyers, President and CEO of Society of Physician Entrepreneurs, and Larisa Rapoport, Partner at Squar Milner: Middle Market – Consumer Goods and Technology will answer your questions about:

  • Managing cash flow,
  • Mitigating risk and losses,
  • Transitioning to and from the pandemic stage effectively,
  • How to work with lenders to secure bridge financing, and
  • Potential opportunities presented by the pandemic.

From the webinar: Colorado Investment Tax Credits

Business Prosperity During a PandemicPart III – a free Q&A Webinar – March 27th, 10 to 11 am MDT

During this webinar, tax experts will answer your questions about what tax departments might be able to do to help their companies shore up or even recover cash and effective leadership in critical times. We’ll hear from Tadd Fowler, VP Global Tax Operations at Procter & Gamble, Eric Anderson, Managing Director and State & Local Tax Leader at AndersenBrandon Edwards, CEO of Tax Credit Co., and moderator Magnolia Movido, Counsel at Snell & Wilmer about:

  • Tax saving and recovery opportunities presented by the current environment,
  • Tax department optimization and strategy, and
  • Effective leadership in a crisis.

Business Prosperity During a PandemicPart IV – a free Q&A Webinar – March 27th, 12 to 1 pm MDT

During this webinar, financial experts will answer your questions about managing personal finances and investments. We’ll hear from Chrissy Palestine, CPA, CMAMatt Morizio, Financial Advisor at Beck Bode, and Sly Giffard, Founding Partner of Gamison Capital, about:

  • Considerations for investment decisions in this economy,
  • Creating a personal budget, and
  • Prioritizing spending in an uncertain market.

COVID-19: Dealing with the Emotional Ramifications of Advising Clients. Jody Padar, The Radical CPA, interviews Gretchen Pisano, CEO, pLink Leadership. Sponsored by Botkeeper,

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Ways to lighten the experience

If you’re bunkered at home waiting for the pandemic wave to ebb and looking for ways to lighten the experience, here are a few ideas.

  • Sleep in an extra hour
  • Check on your neighbors
  • Help those in need
  • Serenade your neighbors
  • Binge watch TV with your family
  • Write a story, develop an app, or design a game with your kids
  • Make your friends laugh with videos
  • Watch more hilarious videos by John Garrett