When Searching for the Perfect Job, Sometimes It Pays to Follow the Cat Videos

by David Landwehr, EKS&H

A year ago, I hadn’t heard of EKS&H, my current employer. In finding it, I learned that sometimes it pays to look outside the box.

I moved to Denver from St. Louis last October. Having lived in Missouri my entire life, it was the right time to discover what the Southwest had to offer over the Midwest. I began my job search last May, using common tools such as LinkedIn and company websites, but the perfect position was found through an online forum known for memes and cat videos, Reddit.

Among the cuteness and comedy on Reddit is the r/accounting forum. One quick search for “Denver” led me to another user previously asking the same question I had: What are the good accounting firms in Denver?

Side note: My random “Denver” search on Reddit also turned up useful accounting career advice, such as if you have a question about a project, always check your workpapers before asking your manager – someone might have asked the same question before and documented the answer.

When searching for great Denver accounting firms in Reddit, a number of firms turned up, many of which I had never encountered. I began visiting firm websites for job openings until I found the right fit. A month later, I was on a plane to Denver for an interview and within two months I was towing my belongings in a U-Haul across Kansas to begin my new job.

Denver and its metro area are on the rise, gaining a reputation for being a red-hot tech and start-up scene. Combined with other factors, this is a great place for Accountants to be, which goes to show that when looking to advance one’s career and potentially make a move, sometimes it pays to look outside the box and follow the cat videos.