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By Dina Gardner on June 9, 2015.

Here is a very quick update as to where we find the market as we enter the midway point of the year:

1.  If you’re looking to hire right now, you know how tight the job market is.  We’ve been trending toward a candidate driven market the last 12 months and it is clear that we have arrived. Completely arrived.  Unfortunately, this isn’t so great for hiring managers.  It is, however, fantastic for job seekers, especially at certain levels of the market. Additionally, competition, especially as we head into summer, is very light for those folks looking for stronger opportunities.  Now is a great time to look for a new opportunity as there are plenty of them available and we have an unusually shallow pool of candidates looking currently.    

2.  We have seen the number of jobs at the Junior to Senior Accountant level and the Financial Analyst/Senior Financial Analyst areas open up tremendously. We are starting to see the Manager/Director levels open up as well, with roles that are both newly created as well as replacement roles.  If this trend continues through the summer months, which are typically on the slower side, we might soon be asking ourselves “what recession?”

3.  The biggest surprise in the last few weeks?  The number of requests for Internal Auditors at staff, senior and manager levels.  It has been at least 5 years since we’ve had requests for auditors and now we are flooded with them.  

4.  With the narrow pool of candidates that we’ve been experiencing all year, who are the clients lucky enough to get the folks who are exploring the job market?  Nothing new here: those clients  willing to train, those who move quickly through their interview process/due diligence, those who can create flexibility in their ‘must have’ wish list and those clients who pay market value.  

5.  Multiple offers are the trend these days.  Putting your best foot forward from a compensation standpoint is critical. The vast majority of candidates we have placed this year have had competing offers to choose from.

6.  Another trend: Counteroffers. Know that your candidate of choice is going to get one.  Just another reason to make the strongest, most compelling offer possible.

This is a quick snap shot of where the job market is currently.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about the market, are currently looking to hire or are interested in seeking a new job opportunity. Links to our website, thumbnail sketches on some of the candidates we are currently representing as well as brief outlines of positions we are currently engaged on can be found below.  

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