Cornerstone Performance Group, LLC is a full service career mobility consulting service that helps individuals, teams and organizations identify and implement effective solutions to transform careers, develop leaders and improve performance efficiently and affordably.

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Cornerstone’s blended high-touch / high-tech approach is designed to give you personal, professional and proven methodologies that guides you every step of the way throughout your journey.  Supported by the industry leading Career Management SystemÒ technology developed be Careerminds Inc., Cornerstone offers a step-by-step accelerated learning process that helps you reach your destination faster and with greater ease.  Whether you are new to the market, have recently lost your job, are considering voluntarily leaving your job or desire to transition and grow within your current employer, Cornerstone has the experience and capability necessary to take you from where you are to where you want to go.  Should other career alternatives be options, Cornerstone can help you transition into self-employment, entrepreneurship, retirement or volunteerism.  If your goal is to enhance your performance or leadership skills to better position you for long-term career success, Cornerstone can help you assess and develop the necessary skills and behaviors that are required of your desired role. They will equip you for career success, stability and satisfaction.


Cornerstone is led by Rex Rolf, a seasoned senior operations executive, management consultant, career transition strategist, executive coach and trainer.  Rather than being a traditional academic or theoretical career coach, Rex leverages his 25 year real-world experience as a leader in the talent management industry to offer practical modern transition support. He is credentialed by 8 years in Retained Search, 14 years as a Senior Vice President for a premier Global Human Resources/Talent Management Consulting Firm and 7 years as a Certified Executive Coach.  His executive background provides a competent platform to diagnose and address complex problems and opportunities facing individuals and organizations undergoing change and development.


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