Group Membership Packages

Organizations may access the following discounts on membership, events, and merchandise through FTL’s Group Membership program.

  1. Discount doesn’t apply to Social Club events, Tax Retreats, sale or clearance items, or auction items.
  2. Savings on event and membership fees, as a percentage of General membership fees. Savings on merchandise increases this percentage.

The rewards of Group Membership include:

  • Opportunities to earn 30 or more hours of CPE and 20 or more hours of CLE at discounted rates,
  • Discounted prices on nearly all FTL events (excludes social events),
  • Connecting in person with leaders, influencers, and professionals through networking and social events,
  • Access to mentors and discounted rates on career coaching and development tools,
  • Admittance to the Member Directory, and
  • Updates on events, CPE and CLE opportunities, and developments within the Tax community.

Organizations may elect to retain membership at the organization level or transfer it to the individual.

To learn more or join the program, contact