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Perks of Membership

FTL membership more than pays for itself. With membership, you can save up to $220 – more than you spend on membership!

  1. Discount applies to most Chapter and National events. Excludes Social Club events and Tax Retreats.
  2. New General Members receive a $25 credit towards the purchase of merchandise from Future Tax Leaders.
  3. Currently unemployed and seeking permanent employment.
  4. In-Transition and Student members may elect to receive business card from Future Tax Leaders.
  5. Received a post-secondary education degree within the last five years.
  6. Currently enrolled in a degree program at an accredited school.

Group membership is also available for as few as two (2) individuals from the same organization. Companies save a minimum of 10% on membership fees with group membership. Learn more here.

Enjoy these great benefits of membership.

  • Access to all FTL events – 21 days over 14 events,
  • Discounted FTL pricing on most events,
  • Professional and career development,
  • Continuing education – minimum 46 hours of CPE / 31 hours of CLE available annually,
  • Mentorship,
  • Building stronger relationships with peers and business leaders,
  • Giving back to the community,
  • Shaping future leaders and potential employees,
  • Networking and social events,
  • Access to Membership Directory,
  • Access to Sponsor Directory,
  • Participation in determining FTL’s future, and
  • Membership pricing to most events for up to one guest (excludes Social Club and National events, such as the National Conference and Tax Retreat) – limited to one event per guest per year

New General members receive a $25 credit towards purchases of $50 more of regularly priced merchandise from FTL. Excludes auction items.

In-Transition members may elect to receive business cards from FTL.

Student members enjoy these additional benefits upon request:

  • Business cards
  • Technical workshops
  • Assistance with:
    • Career exploration
    • Interview preparation
    • Resume critique
    • Internship and job placement

Membership Requirements

Membership in FTL is open to anyone meeting FTL’s membership terms. The terms of membership are as follows.

  • A member’s position or actions may not undermine the organization’s ability to continue to serve its purpose.
  • Members may not act in a way that reflects badly on FTL or its membership.
  • Members must conduct themselves with professionalism at FTL events.
  • A member’s right to practice must be in good standing.
  • Members may not have been recently convicted of a felony, committed of or being investigated for fraud.
  • Members may not engage in sales activities at FTL events or while participating in FTL programs.
  • Members may not mass email, call, or mail FTL membership without FTL approval.
  • Members may not threaten or harass other members.
  • Members may not abuse a position of power or authority within FTL to advance a personal or professional interest.
  • All fees must be paid timely.

Membership Renewal

Renew your membership here.

For the convenience of its members, FTL provides automatic annual subscription renewal for those who purchase their membership with a credit or debit card online. If you would like to opt out of this program or would like to change your subscription, please contact

Membership Changes

You can change your membership level or cancel your membership by contacting

Refund of Membership Fees

A refund of membership fees is not available after the benefits of membership, such as attending an event at the membership rate, are used. Refunds of membership fees are available if membership benefits have not been used and membership is canceled within 30 (thirty) days from purchase.