Platinum Strategic Partner

Platinum is the highest level of Strategic Partnership at the Chapter level. Following are the annual costs and benefits of being a Platinum Partner.

  1. Cost: $5,000,
  2. Six (6) complimentary tickets – three (3) for Platinum Partner’s team and three (3) for Platinum Partner’s guests – to all non-Social Club Chapter events (excludes National Conference and other non-Chapter events), based on capacity,
  3. Opportunity to deliver up to eight (8) hours of professional development (i.e. CPE/CLE) at Chapter events annually,
  4. May host up to two (2) Master Tax Mixers or an event created in partnership with FTL at the location of your choice, including your office, during each year of sponsorship*,
  5. Opportunity to speak and present information about your organization at each Quarterly Chapter event (Detox, Picnic, Day of Service or a Fall Master Tax Mixer, and Gala),
  6. Option to hang your organization’s banner and distribute your organization’s merchandise and promotional materials at all Quarterly Chapter events (Detox, Picnic, Day of Service or a Fall Master Tax Mixer, and Gala),
  7. Option to reserve a table at most Chapter events (excludes Social Club events) – Partner’s guests will receive a small gift at the table,
  8. A seat at the Chapter President’s Table when applicable,
  9. Platinum group membership rates and benefits, regardless of number of members,
  10. A seat on the Chapter Board by one member of your organization for the duration of your sponsorship at this level – your nominee must meet the qualifications to be a member of the Chapter Board,
  11. One use of Chapter’s subscriber list,
  12. Recognized as a Platinum Partner on the Chapter’s website and newsletters, and
  13. Recognized as a Platinum Partner at all of the Chapter events excluding Social Club events.

*Your organization agrees to pay the additional costs of hosting and catering the event at that location. Venue subject to approval by FTL.

To become a Platinum Partner, join here.

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