Diamond Strategic Partner

Diamond is the highest level of Strategic Partnership with Future Tax Leaders. It is the only National Strategic Partnership available.

Following are the annual costs and benefits of being a Diamond Partner.

  1. Cost: $25,000,
  2. Complimentary event tickets that can be shared with anyone, even clients:
    a. 10 (ten) tickets to all national events,
    b. Up to 8 (eight) tickets to all non-Social Club events of every Chapter – 4 (four) for Diamond Partner’s team and 4 (four) for Diamond Partner’s guests, based on capacity,
  3. Opportunity to deliver up to 12 (twelve) hours of professional development (i.e. CPE/CLE) at National and/or Chapter events,
  4. Opportunity to speak and present information about your organization at each National event,
  5. A seat at the National or Chapter President’s Table when applicable,
  6. Recognized as a Diamond Partner at all National events,
  7. Recognized as a Diamond Partner on the National website and newsletters,
  8. Option to hang your organization’s banner and distribute your organization’s swag and promotional materials at all National events,
  9. Access to member and subscriber contact information approved by those members and subscribers,
  10. Group membership for up to 500 people within your organization nationwide, and
  11. A seat on the National Board by one member of your organization – your nominee must meet the qualifications to be a member of the National Board.

For more information or to become a Diamond Partner, contact Info@FutureTaxLeaders.org.