The idea behind TaxForward began forming in 2012 by a group of friends in Denver, Colorado, wanting to create opportunities for tax professionals to expand their expertise and socialize with other professionals outside the office. The friends began testing several programs, such as mentoring roundtables, under the name “Future Tax Leaders” in 2014. 

As excitement in the idea grew, the organization formally launched in 2015, kicking off on April 16, 2015, with its first Spring Tax Detox, an annual party to celebrate the end of busy season. Soon after, TaxForward expanded its programming to include Master Tax Mixers, events combining professional development and networking.

Since then, TaxForward’s programming has grown to include annual conferences, social club events, the upcoming launch of its TaxForum, and its first Tax Retreat in Bali which, due to the pandemic, has been rescheduled to November 2021. TaxForward has members in several states, serves and partners with professionals, universities, and organizations across the U.S., and has subscribers across the globe.

In 2019, the organization decided to change its name to TaxForward, deriving from the phrase “pay it forward”, and move its student programs to a newly formed subsidiary assuming Future Tax Leaders’ name, to be led by students, to concentrate the services within those organizations.

TaxForward is an organization that provides experienced tax professionals an opportunity to give back to the tax community by training and mentoring rising tax professionals and, through its subsidiary, Future Tax Leaders (“FTL”), students.

TaxForward provides unrivaled networking – from collaborating directly with a luminary or celebrity on developing and delivering programming to socializing with them during a program – and growth – from leading and speaking to receiving training or mentoring – through its leadership and committee positions, volunteer and mentoring opportunities, and events. To learn more about getting involved, contact Volunteer@TaxForward.org.  

TaxForward’s Mission: TaxForward is a volunteer organization dedicated to cultivating the technical and leadership skills of all tax professionals while providing them with opportunities to develop relationships with their peers and leaders in the business community through a variety of programs, such as mentoring and coaching, world class professional development, and social and networking events. To learn more about TaxForward, contact Info@TaxForward.org.

Future Tax Leader’s Mission: Future Tax Leaders is a nonprofit volunteer organization that provides tax students tools to supercharge their career through exceptional networking and mentoring. To learn more about FTL or become involved, contact Info@FutureTaxLeaders.org.

See what FTL offers students in this short video.

Highlights of FTL’s student offerings